How should I store my cake or desserts?

Cakes and all items made with buttercream are best stored in their box in refrigeration until 1-2 hours prior to slicing. If fridge space is limited, you can keep your cake in a cool air conditioned room. Desserts are best stored in a closed box in a cool room. For longer shelf life they can be kept refrigerated or even frozen.

 Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We deliver to our neighboring cities within San Mateo, San Francisco, and Marin counties. If your delivery location falls out of our range, let’s chat, and see if it’s something we can accommodate.

 Do you offer a flat rate delivery fee?

 We do not offer a flat rate, as every delivery is different, and takes into account the distance and time from our bake shop, as well as any applicable toll fees.

 May I pick up my order?

Yes! Once your order has been confirmed, we will send pick up details via


How far in advance do I need to order?

We require a 2 week notice for standard orders, and a month notice for catering or larger events.

If your order falls outside the required notice, we may still be able to complete your order, with an applicable rush order fee.

May I adjust my order once placed and confirmed?

We will do our best to accommodate your adjustment requests, however please note that bringing your order to life is a multi-day process, as we need sufficient time to source ingredients, and to assemble and decorate your order, so some adjustments may be limited to how fast we can source any additional items needed.

Please notify us as soon as possible via email, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

 Do you offer additional size cakes to the Bebe cakes listed?

Yes! Let's chat and further discuss your vision for your larger size cake.

Do you offer group gifting?

 Yes! We have a minimum order requirement of 10 gift boxes per order. 

 Do you offer vegan and or gluten- free options?

At this time, we are still working on perfecting that section of our menu, and may offer it down the road- sign up for our email list to be notified when we do!

How may I book a custom order cake? Please fill out contact form, or send us an email to


What are the costs for your workshops?

You may find the prices under our menu section here(enter link). For inquiries on customized orders and or catering please fill out the contact form, or send us an email to hello@riverasboulevard.com.

 Do you offer catering services?

Yes! Let's chat, we’d love to be a part of your event.

 May I pay cash?

At this time we only accept payment electronically. 

How do I cancel my order?

We understand life happens, so canceling our order is always an option, but

please keep in mind that the 50% deposit is nonrefundable.

To cancel your order please submit your request via email, by responding to your confirmation email.

Refund Policy

All sales are final, but if you do have a concern with your order, please send us an email at hello@riveraboulevard.com, and we can further discuss how we may address your concerns.


A 50% non-refundable deposit of the estimated total is required to save the date of event on our calendar. No order will commence until a deposit has been paid & received. Once the deposit has been paid, no portion shall be refunded for any reason if the client cancels this agreement.


The balance of payment is due via electronic payment transfer (Zelle  preferred) TWO WEEKS prior to delivery. Orders will not be completed or delivered unless paid in full.


A service fee shall be charged to client for Rivera’s assistance before and during event. Such service fee is not a gratuity, but a production fee that covers all backend costs that go into the production of the service. The service fee includes but is not limited to the caterer’s cost in connection with the event venue, tasting consultations, design production, day of venue insurance, delivery packaging supplies, transportation, and set up.


Please ensure all contact details, personal information, spelling of names, design requests, delivery details and any requested changes have been properly documented on your final invoice. Notify Riveras by phone or email immediately of any errors.


All cancellations/changes must be received in writing. If you cancel your order prior to 14 days out from your event, a $100 cancellation fee will apply. If an order is canceled within 14 days of the event date, then the full deposit will be forfeited. And if your order is cancelled within 7 days of your event date, all outstanding balances will be due and payable.


We ask that all changes are made prior to the 2-week cutoff period. Thank you for your understanding.


At Riveras We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. All our ingredients are of the highest quality. All cakes are made in premises in which nuts are used, every effort is taken to ensure ingredients remain separated, but cakes may contain traces of nuts. It is important to remember that cakes are perishable and delicate products. Our aim is to provide only the freshest and highest quality cakes to our customers.


We work primarily with buttercream, thus all cakes should be stored in refrigeration or air conditioned rooms cooler than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Please keep all cakes and sugar decor out of direct sunlight. Failure to store the cake correctly may result in colors bleeding, frosting bubbles, cracks or melting.


If for some reason the cake has been damaged after delivery or pickup, Rivera's Takes no responsibility. However, if you request an emergency call out, we will endeavor to restore the cake to its original presentation for an agreed call-out fee.


Where items are provided on cakes (hand molded sugar items, metallic leafing, non-edible florals, toys), they are strictly provided as decorations on cakes, and it is advised that these are not consumed. Some figurines or decorations could contain wire or toothpicks which are dangerous if consumed.


We pride ourselves on our unique and exclusive decor style. Please understand if a picture/image is supplied as inspiration, it may be necessary to change a color or vary a product from the picture, as we do not duplicate the work of other artists.


As each cake is unique, so too, are your special requirements and concerns surrounding your order. If there is an issue with your order, please note that you must refrigerate or freeze the cake immediately and return it to us on the next business day, if we are to consider any refunds at all.